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We wanted to try something fun and creative as we were winding down to the winter season. We had a few ideas in mind, but weren’t quite sure how it would all come together. It was getting towards the middle of October, so we knew there wasnt a lot of time left before winter arrived. But then we ran into Vikki one day, and she was game for a fun photoshoot and even had a couple ideas.

We met her during a previous wedding. She was great to work with and very enthusiastic about photography. She also works with Naomi, and recommended us for their wedding next summer.

Shauna and Vikki discussed some ideas on what direction and theme we might take with the shoot. They decided it would be a lot of fun to try a fairy princess in the forest shoot. Since it was just before Halloween, we figured there would be no trouble finding the right outfit. Shauna found the pink dress, and then made the tulle skirt to go with it. We decided on Berman Lake as the location, as we knew there was a great variety of trees, moss, and trails to work with.

The weather did not co-operate for the first few days we planned to go out, and we started to wonder if winter would arrive before we got the chance to do the shoot. But then we woke up on October 30th to sunny skies, and knew the weather had turned in our favor… although it was still under 5’C and quite a bit windier than we would have liked. Dan brought his big winter parka for Vikki to wear while we werent shooting, and we took quite a few warm-up breaks in the car.

But the results were most definitely worth all the planning, the waiting, and the cold. These are definitely some of our favorite photos. And it has been just as much fun reading all the great comments on our Facebook page from Vikki and her friends. We definitely are looking forward to planning more photo-shoots like this in the future.

Vikki *Explored*
Vikki Vikki

You can Contact Us Here if you would like to book a fun and creative photo-shoot of your own. We have a number of great photography locations in mind within the Prince George Area, and across northern BC. And a number of themed sessions we would like to try. All we need are the models to take part. Hope to hear from you soon!

Rayna, Dale, & Family – Prince George Family Photography

After we finished up Brooklyn’s maternity photos, the rest of her family decided to have some photos taken as well.

We met them at Ginter’s Meadow in Prince George, BC. It was mid-November, so there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground – which made for an amazing background.

Family Photos

Rayna & Dale

Larissa Devin

Clayton Sisters




Family Photos

Brooklyn – Maternity Photo Session

We had a lot of fun during Brooklyn’s maternity session. Dan did a bit of a mini-session with Brooklyn at Cottonwood Park along the shoreline of Stuart Lake, in Fort St James. It was just before sunset so the lighting was perfect. Matt was working that day, a cold wind was coming off the lake, and daylight was fading fast. So we finished the session indoors once Matt was able to take part as well.

We were all happy with the photos, and looking forward to the newborn session once the little one arrives.

Brooklyn - Maternity Photos

Brooklyn - Cottonwood Park

Brooklyn Brooklyn & Matt


Maternity Sunset Silhouette

Brooklyn - Stuart Lake

Anne, Albert & Family- Prince George Family Photography

We met the family at their place on the Hart Highway in Prince George, BC. Living out in the countryside provided a lot of great photographic opportunities. We started out near the barn, before heading over to the tire swing. Throughout the course of the shoot we used the barn, tire swing, ATV, trampoline, bench, and even a canoe. Everyone had an awesome time, and the photos turned out great. Even the dog got in on the action.




Kids on the trampoline

Robin Mother and Daughter

Family Photos - ATV



Naomi & Matt – Prince George Engagement Photography

We met with Matt and Naomi for their engagement photo session at Cottonwood Island Park, in Prince George BC in August of 2011. We had a great time on the trails along the Nechako River, taking photos as we went – Cottonwood Island park is one of our favorite photo locations and is a very popular choice among our brides & grooms. The weather was great, the sun was shining, and we had a lot of fun walking, posing, and just enjoying the evening (although there certainly could have been a few less mosquitoes- poor Matt got a few gigantic bites we had to photoshop out- and that was with bug spray.)

Naomi & Matt- Engagement

Naomi & Matt- Prince George Engagement Photos photography photographers

Naomi & Matt- Engagement Session

Matt and Naomi

Naomi & Matt- Engagement Session, Cottonwood Island Park, Prince George, BC Naomi & Matt- Engagement

{the ring} Naomi & Matt- Engagement

Naomi & Matt- Engagement

Naomi & Matt- Engagement at Cottonwood Island Park, Prince George, B.C. Engagement Photos at Cottonwood Island Park

Matt & Naomi

{the river} Naomi & Matt- Engagement

We are really looking forward to their wedding in the summer of 2012 as well. They have a great 20’s glam theme and a lot of fun ideas. Its going to be a blast!

Update: here is the post from their wedding

You can Contact Us Here to book an engagement session of your own. We would love discuss the plans and vision for your own wedding day!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Baby Jaxon – Prince George Newborn Photography

From our first newborn photo session with Baby Jaxon. It was a lot of fun. Such a cute little guy, and such happy parents. Everyone had a great time. We were able to get some inside the house, and then headed outside under the apple tree. They even had a wash-basin and wash-board that worked out very well.

Sleeping in the Wash-Basin

Baby J

In Mother's Arms

Father and Son

Tiny Feet

Baby J

Under the Apple Tree

Mom & Baby J