Our Bridal Show Booth

We had a lot of fun preparing for the Storybook Wedding Bridal Expo, held at the Prince George Civic Center. We decided to get a booth back in November, and have been planning and preparing ever since.

We spend  the day before the show setting things up – rounding up everything we had prepared and packing it all out to the car, then into the Civic Center so we could lay out the floor, construct the wall, and assemble the photobook table.

The entire experience has been quite an adventure. We had a truck lined up to help transport everything to the Civic Center. But it has been -35’C here for the past week, and the truck’s block heater cord doesn’t work. So that truck will not be doing too much until the weather warms up (likely the day of the show but too late for getting everything there)

We had a second truck lined up as well, but then an emergency came up so they had more important issues to deal with. So we decided to try out the roof racks on our Ford Escape. We wrapped the three doors in a large tarp, then put a few tie straps around them to hold them together, and hoisted the doors on to the roof of our Escape. A couple more tie downs, and 30 feet of rope and we were good to go!

Anyhow, we got everything there and it’s all set up and ready. So of course we had to take some photos once it was done.

Our booth for the 2012 Storybook Wedding Bridal Expo:

Our Bridal Expo Booth

Our Bridal Expo Booth

Photo Book Table

Shauna made this flower arrangement for the photobook table as well:
Flowers for our Bridal Show Photography Booth Flowers for our Bridal Show Photography Booth

If you cant make it to the show, you can Contact Us Here, and we will get back to you right away to discuss the plans and vision for your own wedding day.

Talk to you soon!

Shauna & Dan – Northern Pixel Photography



About Northern Pixel Photography

We are a husband / wife team specializing in Weddings, Engagement, and Couples Photography.

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