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Sandra and Werner

Sandra and  Werner were married on April 28, 2012 in Prince George, BC. They live in Edmonton, but Sandra grew up here in Prince George, and was planning to come home for her wedding. Their original plan was to have a small and intimate ceremony at Shane Lake in Forests for the World. However the weather did not quite cooperate. The lake was still frozen a week before the wedding, the trail had six inches of snow, and most importantly the wedding area was very muddy and wet. They wanted to make it work. But they went and checked it out for themselves once they got to town, and decided on Connaught Hill instead. They commented to us at one point during their wedding day that the change of location worked out perfectly, and we definitely agreed.

Prince George Wedding Photographer

We have been wanting to shoot a First Look Session for a while now – it’s a great opportunity for the bride and groom to spend some time together, and really helps to get the nerves out before the ceremony. They thought it would be perfect for them, and we decided on Fort George Park as the location. So we met them at Sandra’s parents house the morning of their wedding day. Dan headed to the park with Werner, while Sandra finished putting on the dress with the help of her parents, before heading to the park with Shauna.

We will definitely recommend a First Look session to all of our wedding couples in the future – it was amazing!  Werner stood with his back to the road, while Sandra walked up from behind him, and then tapped him on the shoulder so he could turn around for their eyes to meet – such a special moment. We could see the love and excitement – and knew it was going to be a perfect day.

First Look Session - Fort George Park First Look Session - Fort George Park First Look Session - Prince George, BC
First Look Session - Fort George Park First Look Session - Fort George Park First Look Session - Fort George Park

After a few minutes together Sandra said that she just wanted to run – so thats exactly what they did. Dan ran ahead to capture their faces, while Shauna got some amazing photos from behind them as they ran and jumped along. And then Werner picked her up and spun her around. We continued taking photos, and eventually ended up along the banks of the Fraser River.


First Look Session - Prince George BC Wedding

First Look Session - Fort George Park First Look Session - Along the Fraser River

Sandra & Werner - First Look Session

Sandra & Werner - Fort George Park
Fort George Park Wedding

First Look Session- Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC

Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC The Beautiful Bride- Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC

We could have taken photos of them all day at the park, but there was a ceremony they kind of needed to attend. So we headed back to Sandra’s parents house to rejoin the family before heading up to Connaught Hill Park. Their late April wedding date was great for privacy up on the hill, as we were pretty much the only ones up there. It was a bit windy, but the rain held off until the ceremony was completed. Connaught Hill is such a beautiful location for a wedding. And the spring rains had even added a bit of green… just in time (they love black and white, so had requested mainly black and white photos). Everything was coming together nicely! Although Sandra did have a bit of trouble getting Werner’s ring on during the ceremony – he was out playing paintball the day before the ceremony and took one right on the ring finger of all places.

Purple Iris Groom Boutonniere Prince George British Columbia

Waiting for the Bride Walking the Aisle

Connaught Hill Wedding- Prince George, BC

Connaught Hill Wedding The Kiss

Prince George Wedding Photography

We took the family and bridal party photos at Connaught Hill as well, right after the ceremony. The entire day was so relaxed and laid back, and this was no exception. While Shauna was doing the formal group photos, Dan was capturing some of the candid moments. There was a lot of joking and fooling around – everyone was having a great time enjoying their day.

From there we headed off with Sandra and Werner for their newlywed couple photos. Since we already had a lot of great photos from the First Look Session we were able to concentrate on some fun and creative poses, as well as some with the Lensbaby. The rain had picked up a bit by then, but nothing was going to ruin their day. They just went with it and enjoyed it for all it was worth! It even gave us an opportunity to get some photos with the umbrellas – and a few in the rain without them. What an amazing day!

Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC Sandra & Werner

Lensbaby Bride Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC

Sandra & Werner's Wedding - Prince George BC

Wedding Photographer Prince George

After the wedding, we came home exhausted but insanely happy. As we reviewed all the photos while they were downloading, we reflected on how much time we actually spent with the couple during their wedding day – we were with them the entire time once they had the dress and the tux on. We really do enjoy building a relationship with the couple throughout the day. It was great to have the opportunity to chat with them while driving back and forth from the photo locations. They thanked us for helping make their day perfect – and said it was like hanging out with old friends, laughing, having fun, and taking pictures.

We hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. It was too bad the day had to come to an end, but thats part of what makes it so special! It was a long winter, and we had been looking forward to this one for a while.  It was so much fun to be able to capture the memories of their wedding day.

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