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Winter Wedding Tips

Here are some tips for couples who are thinking of having a winter wedding – or if you are a photographer hired for one. They should help to make the day more comfortable & to ensure you get lots of great photos. We learned some valuable lessons during a January winter wedding we photographed in Prince George, BC. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with a fresh snowfall just in time for the wedding, but the week before it was a slushy mess. Looking back on the day there were a quite a few things that helped make it a success, inspiring us to write this blog post to share some of the tips & planning that may help you to have a beautiful winter wedding day of your own!


Winter Wedding Tips For the Bride & Groom: First Look Session

  • Our bride’s wedding dress was  the perfect length… It was an inch above ground level, and did not have a train. If it was any longer it would have been dragging in the snow and could have gotten wet, dirty, or icy before the ceremony & reception. It also had pockets! 
  • Depending on the temperature,  the bride might even want to wear pants & boots under her dress, and the groom may consider a second layer as well (they can always change out of them once things head back indoors).
  • A fur capelet and gloves are also great additions to help keep the bride warm.
  • The bride & groom can each bring a large winter coat to wear between photos for a quick warm up if they start to get cold (but be careful of the veil when the bride takes her coat off and on).
  • Don’t forget to get something for your bridesmaids to wear… Colette chose cute matching sweater-knit shawls. Long dresses also help a bit to keep the cold wind away.
  • Leave lots of buffer room in the timeline, as travelling on winter roads can take longer, and even walking in the snow is a bit slower than usual.
  • Consider having a First Look session – in the winter, it gets dark very early. With the timing of their 4:00pm wedding ceremony it was completely dark by the time the ceremony was over. Since they wanted some beautiful outdoor winter wedding photos, the best option was to have a first look session. And when talking to the couple after the wedding they were both very happy they chose to do one.

Winter Wedding Tips For the Photographers:

Bridesmaids in Winter Wedding, Prince George, B.C.

  • It may be a good idea to wear snowpants & winter boots- Dan wore his snowpants and was able to go off the trail without worrying how deep the snow was, and could kneel down if needed.
  • Make sure to go indoors at least half an hour before the ceremony so your camera’s can warm up – our lenses fogged up as soon as we got inside. Luckily the ceremony didn’t start right away or it could have been trouble.
  • Pre-planning goes a long way – especially in the winter. Plan out the shots and locations you want to get done ahead of time, so you can move through them quickly so everyone can get back to the vehicles where it’s warm.
  • Plan a backup location (or two) in case of bad weather. Things worked out perfectly for us on this day – we even got a nice snowfall the night before. But we did have a few locations in mind in case the weather turned bad on the wedding day.

Winter Wedding Tips Prince George British Columbia Wedding Photographer

You can click here to see the photos from their winter wedding day. They had a small intimate wedding at the Prince George Civic Center, with lots of great personal touches to suit their winter theme.

If you have any winter wedding tips or experiences to share please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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